Jerry and Bobbi Hanks Speakers for Life Speakers for Life

“Your talk on cancer survivorship should be an absolute ‘must’ for every woman —and man—over the age of 21. In 30 minutes, you provided more insight —and offered more hope—than I ever thought possible.”

Lovell Jones, Ph.D
Co-Founder, Intercultural Cancer Council
Director, Center for Research on Minority Health
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, Texas

“I thank you so much for being a part of our 2nd annual Cancer Survivors Day event. I am very grateful for your presentations and received numerous positive comments from those in attendance. Even today, I am being stopped by people who came and enjoyed your message. You both have such a balance of warmth and professionalism.”

Tracy Borgmeyer, LCSW
Chair, Planning Committee
St. John’s Regional Medical Center
Joplin, Missouri

“I have had the privilege of hearing you speak on three separate occasions and sponsoring you once, and your message moves me each time I hear you. Please also extend my appreciation to your wonderful husband who did an outstanding job speaking on survivorship from a spouse’s perspective. I found his message to be inspirational and his delivery excellent.”

Jennifer B. Johnson
Clinical Oncology Specialist
Genentech BioOncology
Jacksonville, Florida

“Bobbi, you and Jerry are captivating when you're speaking. I was either laughing my head off or wiping the tears away. The dynamic duo for sure!!!!”

Sara Williams, MA
Recruitment Coordinator
The Sister Study, Breast Cancer Research
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Durham, North Carolina

“Bobbi and Jerry provide a message of hope and a realistic expectation for living a fruitful life despite the difficulties of dealing with cancer.”

Max Nichols, Columnist
The Journal Record
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Your presentation was certainly an inspiration, verified by the standing ovation, applause and tearful hugs at its conclusion. I know you had some concerns in presenting in English and Spanish, but it results in a powerful message for all attendees. I know you could repeat the same presentation in any other language now.”

Karen R. Stephenson
Director, Oncology Services
Palmetto General Hospital
Hialeah, Florida

“The ‘feedback’ we have received has been an overwhelmingly positive response to your presentation. You both had heartfelt wisdom to share; we thank you ever so much!”

Linda F. Brown
Symposium Coordinator
MeritCare Roger Maris Cancer Center
Fargo, North Dakota

“There aren’t enough words to tell you what an impact you have made in the lives of Hispanic women in the San Luis Valley.”

Jean Bruscia
District Director
American Cancer Society
Alamosa, Colorado

“You superbly educated all of us about the statistics, the detection, and the treatment of cancer. But perhaps more importantly, you presented this information in a way that only a survivor can—you give breast cancer its face. And you do it with commitment, courage and humor. A whole chapter on cancer in the textbook pales in comparison to the authoritative, passionate, and yet upbeat wisdom with which you graced our classroom.”

Paula J. Thompson, Ph. D.
Professor of Natural Sciences
Jacksonville, Florida

“I look forward to the possibility of having you return to Boise in the future. I feel strongly that your message is one that deserves to be championed.”

Judy Olson
Director, St. Luke’s MISTI Breast Care Services
Boise, Idaho

“Bobbi’s remarks were inspiring, poignant and humorous. For many, she was the highlight of the conference. Her depth of experience with many phases of cancer makes her a wonderful spokesperson for all types of audiences: from those who have had only a professional involvement with cancer, to survivors, to the lay public in general.”

Anne Wylie Weiher
State Coordinator
Colorado Breast Cancer Coalition
Denver, Colorado

Media Interviews and Articles

Guests on English and French television
Vancouver, British Columbia

Moderator/Host, American Cancer Society's Cancer Survivor Network webcasts

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Miami Herald, Miami, Florida

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

PBS Documentary, “The Breast Care Test,”
hosted by Jane Pauley

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Salt Lake City, Utah

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Salt Lake City, Utah

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Nashua, Montana

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Lake City, Florida

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Yuba City, California

Morning Show, KATQ Radio
Plentywood, Montana

Feature story, Valley Courier
Alamosa, Colorado

Articles Published:
Coping Magazine
Closing the Gap, Publication of the Office of Minority Health, Washington, D. C.
Mundo Latino

Bobbi and Jerry are very experienced in working with print and electronic media and would be happy to lend their expertise to help publicize your event. In addition to the various media features listed, their book, Tears of Joy, is now in its second printing and is also available in Spanish. They would be very happy to include a book signing as part of your event.