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When we set out to write our book, one of the biggest challenges we faced was what to call it. We pretty much knew what we wanted to say and how we wanted to say it. But coming up with a title was a far different matter.

Bobbi’s choice for the title was, “Does Anybody Have Two Nipples for a Dime? Breast Cancer...the Story of Change.” Jerry didn’t fail to see the humor but he feared the title would make the book sound overly frivolous.

Twenty-four chapters later we agreed on “Tears of Joy” as an acceptable compromise. Tears because there is no cancer journey without them. Joy because few people ever think about the other side of cancer—the triumphs; the laughs; the friends you never knew you had and the new ones you meet along the way, and that strange sense of accomplishment that comes from knowing you have faced the worst and made the best of it.

And that’s what this book is all about. “Facing the worst” and “preparing for the best.”

Some parts of the book may make you cry. Some may make you smile—or even laugh out loud. A few parts are guaranteed to make you mad. And some, we hope, will make you cheer.

But that’s what the cancer journey is all about. It’s all right here and it’s all true to the best of our memories and those of our friends.

We hope you will enjoy what we have to say and be inspired to make the most of your experience with cancer.

—Jerry Hanks and Bobbi de Córdova Hanks


“I just finished reading Tears of Joy. Bubba, Jerry and you tell a beautiful love story and at the same time provide within the text an inspirational cancer survivor and cancer caregiver’s manual. Well written, factual, timely and uplifting. Tears of Joy should be required reading by all cancer survivors, their families and caregivers.”
Col (Ret.) James E. Williams, Jr.,
USA Prostate Cancer Survivor
Us Too! International

“Just finished reading Tears of Joy. What a wonderful book and both of you have produced for all illness. I am so glad I gave myself the gift of reading the book and will share it with others.”
Frieda Saraga
Community Health Educator
Planned Parenthood of Northeast Florida

“What impressed me most was how applicable your message is to me—to everyone. It’s true that your story is one of survivorship but it is also a story of love and living life to the fullest.”
Jennifer B. Johnson
Senior Clinical Oncology Specialist
Genentech BioOncology

“I would highly recommend this book to any cancer survivor. You’ll share the tears and laughter with Jerry and Bobbi as they tell us of their story. You’ll laugh and cry with them and hopefully be inspired by their courageous struggle with this disease.”
Thomas A. Marsland, M.D.
Hematologist Oncologist

“Se estas pasando por una etapa dificil con el diagnosis de cancer, este es el libro que debes eer. Aunque primero hay lágrimas presente, la alegría sobrepasa la angustia. Hay vida después del cáncer.”
Venus Gínes, MA
CEO/Founder, Dia de la Mujer Latina
Founder, Intercultural Center for Health & Wellness