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Bobbi de Córdova-Hanks

“I always thought I’d write a book about my years as a touring musician,” Bobbi says. “I even had the title, ‘Oops, pardon my G string: Memoirs of a girl bass player on the road.’ The last thing I expected to be doing was working on my M.S. That stands for ‘master of survival.’”

For Bobbi—and for audiences from coast to coast—that’s good news. It wasn’t humorous in 1986 when Bobbi was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, or in 1999 when she was diagnosed with metastatic thyroid cancer, or in 2003 when she was diagnosed with skin cancer. “At first I was scared. Then I was mad. Then I decided that if life was going to hand me this lemon I better make lemonade out of it.” She hasn't stopped since.

Multitalented and multilingual, Bobbi spent seven years as a magazine editor, waged an uphill battle to unseat a 16-year incumbent in the Florida Senate, and served as news bureau manager for Florida Community College at Jacksonville.

In the years since joining the fight against cancer, Bobbi has taken her activism to a national level through her work on the boards of the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, the Intercultural Cancer Council and as a member of the Consumer Advisory Panel of the National Oncology Nursing Society.

Since going on the road with her message of survivorship, Bobbi's talks have brought laughter and renewed hope to thousands of men and women as they make the transition from “Why Me?” to “Why Not Me?” When you invite Bobbi to speak to your group, you can be absolutely sure of one thing: No one in the audience will go to sleep.


Jerry HanksWhen lightning struck not twice but four times in the life of Jerry Hanks, he gained a unique insight into survivorship from a caregiver’s perspective. Jerry reflects on the loss of one wife to cancer, his subsequent marriage to Bobbi de Córdova, and her diagnosis with advanced breast cancer, metastatic thyroid cancer and skin cancer.

“One thing I've learned,” Jerry says, “is that cancer is largely what you make of it. It can tear you apart if you let it. Or you can use it as a stepping stone to a new and more beautiful life for you and the person in your care.”

Jerry’s journey through cancer with Bobbi since 1986, and his earlier journey with Sally, have encouraged him to share his thoughts and hopes with others, both men and women alike.

In his business life, Jerry is a professional writer, editor and public relations consultant.