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No one ever volunteered to have cancer. Yet 1.6 million men, women and children in the United States and Canada are diagnosed each year. For each of them, hopefully, there is at least one caregiver who attends to their emotional and physical needs.

Bobbi de Córdova-Hanks and her husband Jerry Hanks have been cancer warriors for more than two decades, Bobbi as a survivor of three different primary cancers and Jerry as a four-time caregiver.

Their presentation, “In Sickness and in Health: A Survivor and Caregiver Tell Their Story of Tears and Hope,” is the true story of Bobbi and her continuing battle against breast, thyroid and skin cancer, and her husband Jerry, who lost one wife to cancer and became a caregiver three more times when he met and married Bobbi. Together, their stories will make you cry…and laugh…and cheer…and, sometimes, get fighting mad. Their presentation delivers a powerful message of practical guidelines and inspiration that should be heard by all cancer survivors, their supporters and healthcare partners.

In addition to their primary presentation, Bobbi and Jerry also offer a workshop, “Healing and Coping Together.” Bobbi and Jerry know how a serious illness can put a strain on the best of relationships and provide an opportunity for survivors and their caregivers to share ideas and coping skills that have worked for them while learning to advocate to have their own needs met.

Bobbi’s multicultural background also gives her unique insight into what Hispanic/Latina women face after a cancer diagnosis. Her ability to reach them in their own language has special meaning.

Bobbi and Jerry look forward to carrying their gift of survivorship to your special event.

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